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The aim of the P&C is to promote community engagement between parents and the school through opportunities to participate in a variety of activities and events. The P&C also provides financial assistance to the school through contributions to a variety of projects some of which are set at the beginning of each year such as the support for the Youthcare pastoral programs.


2020 | 7.30pm-9.00pm | Choral Studio - 请联系 秘书@ Chruchlandspc.com.au. 如果您目前不是会员,请举办详细信息:

  • 第3期 - 8月3日和9月7日
  • 第4期 - 10月26日和11月30日

The P&C runs a welcome BBQ in Term 1 for all Year 7 students and their families, a Community 艺术展 in Term 2, a Quiz Night event during Term 3 and 父亲项目 events in Terms 2 and 3. New ideas are always welcome, particularly if you want to help make things happen.

Remember to like the P&C's Facebook. Page. 最新的新闻和活动。


The P&C provides information and resources on matters that may help parents available from the WA Council of State School Organisations and other sources.

The P&C receives funding from various sources:

  • 年度学费中包含的自愿征税;
  • 筹款活动和活动
  • 从经营制服商店产生的收入。

Items of major expenditure over recent years, spent to benefit students & families of the school have been:

  • 通过Youthcare Chaplaincy Service提供持续的牧师护理
  • 支持学校的扩张。学校储物柜,乒乓球桌,座位,遮阳风帆
  • 专业讲话人员
  • New equipment for design & technology
  • 部分封闭视觉艺术潮湿区域
  • 翻新主食堂
  • 所有志愿者活动的保险
  • 安全自行车棚子
  • 新的太阳能电池板项目与学校基金会的资金为应得的学生提供奖学金


As a subcommittee of the P&C the 音乐父母委员会 work together to support teachers and the music program. To find out more visit the 音乐社区 页。